Educational portal

The educational portal will be an online platform of the project, within which a questionnaire survey will be conducted and subsequently all project outputs will be available for further dissemination.

Currently, the project partners are working to create a questionnaire for students, and a new innovative educational program will be compiled,  based on the identified needs of students.

The content of the new education program will be prepared on the basis of interviews with successful and experienced entrepreneurs about their competencies that led them to their success in business and on the basis of identified needs of studenst of vocational schools    by the form of a questionnaire survey.
After the end of the project, the developed intergenerational educational program will be offered to other vocational schools that would be interested in expanding their school educational program.

The innovative intergenerational educational program will consist of 10 topics, individual seminars will be tested in one class with about 30 participants. Lecturers of seminars will be real successful entrepreneurs, managers of companies. Study texts will be created for all educational seminars and will be available on the educational portal.